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Gift Card Webshop

These are the features

Your own gift card webshop

Either integrated into your existing website via i-frame, or working as a standalone webshop, our gift card technology module is quick to install and will have you up and running in a few hours.  

Self-service administration portal

Simple management of your gift card webshop allowing you to create your gift card products and designs, redeem them in the web POS and access sales reports.

Quick setup

Sign up

Complete a simple online form and receive your login details.


Connect with our payment partner ‘Stripe’ to process customer payments.


Use the template or create your own designs of gift cards. Publish and you’re ready to sell.


Customers redeem gift cards in store using Diggecard web POS.
step by step quide

This is how you do it


Open an account by filling a simple form. After that you will receive an email with credentials to log in Diggecard self-service gift card administration portal.


Enter company information and account number to set up the payout service with our payment partner Stripe.


Publish your gift cards. There is a template for the first gift card, you can edit it or use it straight away.


You can also create your own gift cards. As many as you like.


After gift cards are published they are available for sale in a single page webshop that we automatically create for you. You will receive the link to it by email and also can find it in the administration portal.


We  also create a gift card module that can be integrated in your own website. You can do it by creating a separate gift cards page and adding the gift card module inside is as an i-frame by inserting the code that we provide for you.


To redeem a gift card, use Diggecard web POS. Enter the purchase amount and enter or scan the gift card number. We will automatically withdraw money from the gift card and show the remaining balance or the amount that the customer needs to pay with cash or bank card.

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