Variety of solutions for selling gift cards through all channels

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Selling online

Select an online store front that fits your needs

  • From simple plug in module to bespoke gift card website
  • Visual customisation to fit your brand
Selling online

Give your customers full flexibility do decide what to buy and how

  • Only one or as many as they wish
  • Digital or physical
  • For themselves or for those they love
  • Send immediately or at selected day and time
Selling online

Make all gifts personal

  • Let customers add message, picture or even video to digital gift cards
  • Envelope, sleeve or box — physical gift cards can be sent in any packaging and also contain a message and a picture from a sender
Selling in stores

Get printed gift cards with any design and packaging

  • Provide design yourself or let us do it for you
  • All gift cards have QR or bar code or magnetic stripe
  • Select what gift packaging to offer — from simple
Selling in stores

Load gift cards through POS or a standalone web portal

Integration with POS system allows loading and redeeming gift cards directly through cashier terminal
An alternative web solution allows working with gift cards without POS integration


Sell, deliver and redeem gift cards in your mobile app

Add all capabilities of an online gift card store can be integrated in  your app.

Digital gift cards will be delivered directly to the app and physical gift cards can be stored there as a digital copy.


Deliver gift card directly to a phone

Link to a gift card can be sent as SMS that opens gift card on the phone


    Traditional delivery by email or post — we take care of it too

    Email with a digital gift card or a physical card by post


    All types of gift cards can be used both in stores and online

    QR or bar codes allow easy scanning for usage in stores
    Character code lets using gift card at web checkout