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Solutions for selling gift cards on web

Variety of solutions: from quick plugin module to fully customised gift card section for online gift card sales.

Personalisation of digital gift cards with text, photo or video.

Possibility to sell physical gift cards with different designs and gift wrapping (for UK clients).

eCommerce plugin that allows basket checkout together with other types of products.

Physical and digital gift card processing capabilities or integration with client’s own or external processing.

App plugin for selling and receiving gift cards

All capabilities of web gift card module integrated in mobile apps: digital gift card store front and a module for buying gift cards.

Receiving digital gift cards directly in the app.

Storing physical gift cards in the app as a digital copy.

Solution for selling physical gift cards in stores

We deliver empty gift cards with custom design and individual QR codes to the points of sale.

The cards are loaded with value at checkout.

Full care of delivery of physical and digital gift cards to B2C and B2B customers

Fully branded individual delivery of digital gift cards to recipient’s mobile phone or email.

Gift cards can be sent immediately or on selected day and time.

Delivery of physical gift cards via UK postal or courier service individually to end recipients or in bulk to one address.

Multiple alternatives for redeeming gift cards in stores and online

QR code or barcode on physical and digital gift cards for redemption in stores.

Possibility to use both digital and physical gift cards during checkout online.

Reselling through our partners

Gift cards of our clients can be redistributed to third party B2B and B2C platforms.

Access to hundreds of corporate buyers and millions of consumers.

You have full control over where and how your content is sold.

Open API

All data on gift card sales are available for integration with accounting and other systems.

ePOS API allows to load, redeem and check balance of gift cards.

eCommerce API allows reserve and capture gift cards at checkout and have integrate product catalogue.

Cash settlement reports for gift card transactions can be provided daily, monthly and annually and sent automatically on email or pulled from API on demand.

What our customers say

Diggecard have managed our gift card programme with great success since 2011. Their level of specialist knowledge and technical expertise provides a vital foundation and the responsive customer service and attention to detail that we continue to receive from all team members is a differentiator. By working in partnership with Diggecard, we are able to focus on other areas of our business, knowing that we are in very safe hands.

We were looking for a specialist gift card partner that could take on all aspects of our programmes from website development, order management and fulfilment, as well as sales and marketing to B2B markets. As a result of our working relationship with Diggecard, our gift card programme got off to a great start and we continue to see increasing sales year on year.