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for retail technology 

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Web and app modules for selling digital gift cards

A web gift card sales module can easily be added to the merchant’s website without any integration.

An app gift card solution (SDK) can be included in a mobile app as a separate section or customised to fit user flows of any complexity.

Both app and web solutions allow sending gift cards with personalisation including text, photo or video.

Gift cards bought online are delivered to receiver’s mobile phone or email either immediately or on selected day and time.

Solution for selling physical gift cards in stores

We deliver empty gift cards with custom design and individual QR codes to the points of sale.

The cards are loaded with value at checkout.

Multiple alternatives for redeeming gift cards in stores and online

QR code or barcode on physical and digital gift cards for redemption in stores.

Possibility to use both digital and physical gift cards during checkout online.

Reselling through our partners

Gift cards of our clients can be redistributed to third party B2B and B2C platforms.

Access to hundreds of corporate buyers and millions of consumers.

Clients have full control over where and how their content is sold.

Gift card performance dashboard

Provides easy to use solution for designing and publishing gift cards and managing their sales.

Allows quick setting of the payout bank account for collecting income.

Shows gift card sales data and performance statistics for each gift card individually and as aggregated reports.

Can be used as a standalone portal or plugged into an existing merchant back office.

Open API for creating seamless customer experience


  • Redeem gift card
  • Load physical cards
  • Check balance
  • Cancel last transaction

Merchant API

  • Create merchant info (onboarding)
  • Update merchant info
  • Configure payouts for merchant
  • Statistics and reports

eCommerce API

  • Reserve and capture gift card at checkout
  • Product catalog for integration