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Gift card portfolio

Physical and digital gift cards from the hight street, online, gaming, streaming, restaurants, travel and leisure from the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, the USA, Middle East and Russia.

Prepaid Mastercard

Expand redemption choice to anywhere globally that accepts Mastercard.

Available as physical and digital option.

Ability to brand and customise.

Diggecard rewards multichoice card

Single card or code for online redemption for a range of digital cards.

Can be branded to your company.

Ability to customise redemption portfolio to offer flexible commercial models and align with your campaign.

Full care of delivery of physical and digital gift cards to B2C and B2B customers

Fully branded individual delivery of digital gift cards to recipient’s mobile phone or email.

Bulk delivery of digital gift cards.

Gift cards can be sent immediately or on selected day and time.

Delivery of physical gift cards via UK postal or courier service individually to end recipients or in bulk to one address.

What our customers say

We have a long standing relationship with Diggecard, and our teams work closely to ensure that we offer the strongest portfolio of brands to meet our clients’ business objectives.

Diggecard put together a number of reward, incentive and retention offers to help us better engage our customer base and improve our revenue.