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Looking for partner who will run your brand’s gift card programme?

Companies of all sizes can get the latest technology solutions for website, mobile app, ePOS and eCommerce platforms.

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Need to purchase plastic and digital gift cards for your business and arrange distribution?

Corporate buyers can choose from over 450 international brands delivered in bulk, to individuals and via API.

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If you are a retailer looking to fully or partially outsource your gift card programme with the latest technology, or you simply want to add your brand to our portfolio — speak to the team at Diggecard and find out more about our retailer solutions and services below.

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Variety of web solutions for selling gift cards

From quick plugin module to fully customised gift card section for brands of all types and sizes.

Digital gift cards can be personalised with text, photo or even video.

Physical gift cards can have different designs, branded wallets and greetings.

eCommerce plugins

Customers can buy gift cards like any other product on your eCommerce website built on Magento 2 Open and Magento 2 Commerce.

Gift cards can be used as a payment method during online checkout.

App plugin for selling and receiving gift cards

All capabilities of online gift card sale integrated in your mobile app.

Digital gift cards can be received directly in the app.

Physical gift cards can be stored as a digital copy.

Full care of gift card delivery

Both physical and digital distribution is quick, accurate and hassle-free for you.

Plastic gift card are sent to a physical address using one of several shipping options.

Digital gift cards can be delivered in email or phone on selected day and time.

Several alternatives for redeeming gift cards in stores

Custom API integration with ePOS systems.

Plug-in cashier module.

Standalone cashier gift card solution for selling and redeeming gift cards without POS integration.

Self-service admin for managing your gift card program

Can be used as standalone portal or plugin module.

Allows quickly set the payout bank account for collecting income from gift card sales.

Provides easy to use solution for designing gift cards and  managing their sales.

Shows gift card sales data and performance statistics for each gift card individually and as aggregated reports.

Open API

All data on gift card sales are available for integration with accounting and other systems.

Default gift card functionality can be extended for different needs.

POS API allows to load, redeem and check balance of gift cards.

Cash settlement reports for gift card transactions can be provided daily, monthly and annually.

White label digital gift card mall

Digital store front gives good overview of gift cards available in your shop.

Content category structure can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

Flexible layout allows to promote different types of content to your customers.

Can be integrated on your website, customer facing POS, standalone terminals and kiosk.

If you are looking to purchase gift cards and distribution services for reward, incentive, loyalty or other programmes, look in our portfolio. We have retail, hospitality and entertainment brands and can deliver gift cards can in bulk, direct to individual recipients or via API.
Corporate shop

Selection from hundreds of brands

Most popular gift card brands in the retail, restaurant, and prepaid card industries.

No minimum or maximum order size.

Flexible delivery

Bulk delivery to one address.

Individual distribution to end recipients.

Both physical and plastic cards.

Gift cards on API

Your end recipients will have their digital gift cards within a few seconds

Every gift card email communication can be personalised with your company’s logo and visual style and a custom message.

We use a Tier 4 data centre and invest in the latest encryption technology to protect your company, your customers’ or recipients’ data.